Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Pale Horizons

This silence echo cold whispers of dread

Only moonlight prevail the blackness

Finding my feet in this pond of fear

Sea breeze grace my face with harshness

I make way through the ocean’s coat of darkness

With only lamplight aboard my ship

I travel the depths and sail the dark west

To find what I’ve longed for

Some peace and quiet.

So much hurt and pain, roses grow pale in spring

I wish to sleep and never be awakened

If I’ll find solace in places created of dreams

Away from the judgment in man’s teeth.

An outlaw by virtue of free will and not of sin

I found a friend in the wind, going as it leads

One day it will bring me to a home beyond the hills

Where I’ll find what I’ve longed for,

Some peace and quiet.

Ini Martins

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