Sunday Dec 04, 2022

And, now…

okay. so you noticed i always post on wednesdays. i assure you that this is by no particular design of mine, blame my PA (which of course, as you know, is currently non-existent)…

Have i missed the internet? of course!!!! but, see, my mind has moved on to higher things. For example…The Love of God. Blam!!!! I said it!!!

I came to realise that God is just like a man who’s been “toasting” or “chyking” a woman he loves. He calls, texts, visits, sends ridiculously lovey-dovey messages, ambushes her on the radio, places adverts in all the personals…arrrrrrr!!!!

And we’re just like that woman who gets all the attention and NEVER gives a definite answer. “lemme think about it”…or “lemme pray first” (don’t laugh, we still do it!). We whine and delay…even when we have a date with him, we spend so much time applying make-up that we arrive late for that date!!!

Even when we half-heartedly accept that offer, we soon begin to look at other men. we desire what our friends have (even though those friends are living in self-deception…they’ll NEVER marry them). we desire the gifts that our friend’s boyfriends give them, even if those boyfriends are fraudsters.

We tell our MAN he’s not doing enough. We tell him that if he really loves us, he should do a specific thing. Even if it isn’t good for us!!! We allow other people touch and even kiss us behind his back (and sometimes we go all the way!)

Is it really fair?

This and other such issues have kept me away. I’ve been thinking- i can spend the entire night on the web…how many hours can i spend praying?
I won’t drop my lappie, even if it means diving into a puddle of mud…
can I do the same for my bible?


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