Sunday Dec 04, 2022

Before we get all soiled and Muddied up II

They suddenly care about your feelings. They notice when you’re moody, they buy you lunch, they give you spare pens, they plead with lecturers on your behalf
They Organise tutorials for lower classes
They start attending your fellowship as though the rapture would take place YESTERDAY!
The very people who were fanatical dress-code violators suddenly start donning three-piece suits…under the “pleasant” weather conditions in GWAGS.


We will soon be entering the most tasking period of the LAWSAN calendar. That point where we need to make the right as well as the best decisions. Of course, in politics, there is the “right” thing to do and the “best” thing to do. Permit me to allude to the ongoing PDP zoning thing. It is “right” to allow the supposed agreement to run its course. But, it just might be the best to break that arrangement for obvious reasons. However, is it in the best interests of the teeming masses to restrict the presidency to a particular region…which, by the way, has succeeded in destroying every attempt at democratic governments?


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