Sunday Dec 04, 2022

Before we get all soiled and Muddied up

Habits make us who we are. Preferences demonstrate our diversity. Choices display our maturity, our willingness to progress and our commitment to success. Whether we accept it or not, our choices are directly proportional to the stuff we’re made of.

Make no mistake about the purpose of this article. It is pure propaganda, a calculated attempt to brainwash you all into doing what I want!!! (if you’re timid, you’re free to back out at this point).

I just think to myself, If Jesus Christ chooses to return during an election period in Nigeria, many of us will not go anywhere! We participate in a game of outright lies! (Well…that includes half-truths, too). Too many times have we listened to our contemporaries feed us with a shipload of crap. Too many times have we littered our lecture halls with poorly printed campaign posters. Too many times have we sat down and bored ourselves with manifestoes and debates which we know are only antecedents to a dignified struggle for power.

Do we actually listen to what these people say? Okay, let me show you a few examples of embarrassing talk (which you probably applauded)

1. “I am here for servitude”. Boniface Ehikioya (with all due respect!)

2. “A leader is a man of prodigious intellect… and uncanny clairvoyance” (Okey, 400L)


4. “I will bring this moribund association into a state of comatose”

5. “I will translate the dreams of our association from a mere possibility to an achievable mirage”

(Okay, I admit that I made up Number 5. But I sure do sound like a real-life politician, don’t I?)

Do we listen to what they call “qualities”? They all seem to possess a remarkable level of CONFIDENCE! (I remember that our immediate past president possessed that characteristic). Although, some people would quickly say it is plain ARROGANCE.

They all seem to know what’s best for us. Which candidate has ever asked you, the “common” LAWSANITE what you want them to do for us? How many genuinely seek your input?

They all suddenly become friendly. People who would probably have snubbed you at a certain time or another; People who would walk by you on the road and ignore your greetings will suddenly go all paddy-paddy…they will know all your names and even your local government area. Am I lying?


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