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Short Stories

Sotonye X

You know when the bible said “As the deer pants for water”? so did sotonye’s soul long to just reply that message. She whimpered like a kid as her fingers landed on the keyboard, I’ve not seen her type that fast before “What are you doing?” I sounded too inquisitive and I knew it. “Is that a question? Am replying… Read more →

Sotonye X

Sotonye grabbed her phone to reply the text like she had just been given food after a three-day fast. She kept asking me if it was good enough, if it didn’t sound too desperate, all the while, accusing me of having an ‘annoying grin’ plastered on my face. Finally, she sent the message, agreeing to lunch and saying nothing more.… Read more →

John Mangoseed II

When I “awoke”, it was to the smell of rotting plant life. Someone had brought in some flowers when I was out cold. Probably roses. Or violets. Hard to tell when I couldn’t move a muscle. Wait a minute- I smelt that. I didn’t even notice when my olfactory senses returned. It felt good- you know, to have another sense… Read more →

Sotonye IX

By the time it was 9:30pm, Soso had become a quivering mass of Jelly. She lay face down on her mattress. Now that I thought of it- Soso never bothered to have a bedframe. She’d just return from anywhere and throw herself down. Whenever she woke up from sleep, she’d make a path through the clothes, shoes, towels and CDs.… Read more →

Sotonye VIII

I went over to Soso’s house in the evening. She had just bought the new BIOSHOCK Blu-Ray and I couldn’t wait to try it. I didn’t need to knock- I had my spare key from all those gameathons. I was sure Nonso and Ethel had theirs as well. When I let myself in, Soso was skipping frantically. Sweat dribbled down… Read more →

Sotonye VII

When Soso left, I headed right back to my laptop. I had just made a highly debatable claim, that jogging makes the skin glow better. Of course when I said it, I had no scientific proof; I just know that the girls I see jogging tend to have healthier-looking skin than the others. I googled “jogging skin benefits”. It looked… Read more →

Sotonye VI

Early the next day, I felt a banging on my door. I say felt instead of heard because someone was literally pounding on my door so loudly it rattled the little glass candle-stands that lined the window sill. I flipped over in bed- maybe they would go away. “Nigga I’m gonna kick down this door if you don’t open up”.… Read more →

Sotonye V

Sotonye turned around and started walking away. I shoved Tinu out of the way and started following her. Tinu dragged me back by my elbow and I shot her an acidic look. “Oh, so that’s how it is? You’re leaving all of this for your boyfriend. Bros over hoes isn’t it?” She said, anger smoking from her eyes, hands clenched… Read more →

Sotonye IV

When I finished breakfast, I took to Facebook for my rescue mission. I asked simply, “Ladies, What’s the first thing about makeup every girl should know?” While I waited for their responses, I started googling every fashion show and personality I knew (or had pretended to know) apart from Kim Kardashian. I wished I had paid attention to all those… Read more →

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