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Short Stories

Sotonye III

“Sotonye…let me explain a few things”. She looked at me, straight in the eye. “guys are attracted to what they can see” “well they see me but no one stops long enough to even say hi or anything” “that’s what I’m saying. They are attracted to what they can see. Technically, they see can’t see you at all” “ouch” “Soso… Read more →

Sotonye II

“Sotonye…” I began. “What are you saying?” she turned over on the bed and faced the wall. Since when did she become too shy to look at me? “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. It’s cool to be all buddy-buddy with everyone. But there’s just something that’s missing. I can’t really explain it…but I want to be special. I… Read more →


When she she showed up at my door, I knew something was up. She hardly ever came to my house- that was one of her many “Because-I-Don’t-want-To”s “do you think I’m stubborn?“ she asked. No good morning, no how-was-your-night…nothing. “of course you are” I said. “you didn’t even think about what I asked you“ she said as she walked right… Read more →


I will never forget how mother was brought home from the office that day. She looked like a vegetable though uncle Tom said it was only a slight fever but I knew mother’s situation was more than that. Mother stopped going to work which was very un-workaholic of her. When I asked why, she told me her boss thought she was… Read more →

Diary of a confused schoolgirl

We had to talk. We badly needed to. I’m talking about that let’s-get-real-with-eachother, no-holds-barred, put-all-the-cards-on-the-big-round-table kinda talk. God and me, we had serious issues to iron out. Let me start from the beginning. You see, I came into university with pride as high as an acme. I was one you could call a boss, especially after bagging a WAEC result… Read more →

Tricol High Eight: Tuckshop

  Tuckshop. Ah! Tuckshop. The best thing that happened to Tricol Students. In the midst of the chaos of the daily routine, There was one reprieve we found in tuckshop. You may not understand. Why would we value a snack by 12:15 when we had breakfast, lunch, dinner and night snacks? Simple. We were kids, and Tuckshop was the only… Read more →

Tricol high 7

and now, onto something on the hilarious side >>> and yes, this part’s true! *********************************************************************************************** Now, they made us prep supervisors. (I can hear the gears in your minds grinding!) There were lots and lots of cute girls in our classes. Classic among them were Ema Oko. Omodele Makinde. Kimberly Obi. Moyo Osinkolu. Joy Majebi. Sade Ola. Janet Ethagbe. Rhema… Read more →

Tricol High Six

Ah…Hecareth. Nobody would understand what could bring a weakling like me together with a muscleman like he. Tall and short. Meaty and skinny. Popular and unpopular. Loved and Hated. We were the unlikely team, silently building ourselves up. HE was the one person who had nothing bad to say about Electromon. He taught me stuff. He taught me how to… Read more →

49 missed calls

“Objection My Lord! The Evidence Act 2011 in sections 78-85 expressly forbids counsel from asking my witnesses scandalous, vexatious and needlessly indecent questions. Asking a catholic priest what he would do if his girlfriend stopped picking his calls amounts to impugning his character!” “Objection sustained!” That was when I snapped back to reality. I was cross-examining Father Melvin who was… Read more →

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