Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Gerrymandering (or my 24th Birthday Speech)

Thank you everyone. Not everyone could call to wish me happy birthday, and really I don’t mind. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I had some fun, thanks to the Faith Life Assembly Choir. And to Vivian who did some amazing housekeeping and cooking this weekend. And to the people who refused to let me […]

The Catechist

Jerry Ifeanyi Chiemeke I ran into him often but we never “officially” started talking until the last month of law school. Before that, It was the usual comment or two on my blog, and on His when he started blogging. I remember being vaguely impressed with his blogging skills as he said he started the […]

Owanate D. Max-Harry

Finally I’ve dusted my keyboard in 2014. I thought I would end my “great-people-I-know” series in 2013, but with Oyinkan’s birthday, Owanate and Dumebi’s birthdays this month I just cannot skip this.   In My Birthday speech of 2012 (Bros over Cutlasses) I talked and talked about how I needed to reduce the amount of […]

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