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Great People

Chogu Betty Ochai

PIf you’re on my bbm you’d probably have heard a lot of noise about my sugarmummy. Today I get to tell you more about this woman. In 200level (2008), We got new students in my Law faculty through the Direct Entry (DE) scheme. I’ve mentioned that several times on this blog- that several of the awesome people that have come to… Read more →

Teaposh Akanni

Today is an odd day. I’m celebrating a friend I met on facebook. That isn’t much these days but it was in the early days of my online inner child learning to grow. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and everyday was a better smile. Everytime my phone rang, I silently hoped it was bestest calling. Why? In… Read more →

Ojurere Gommy

If you want to survive the Nigerian Education System, you need more than personal resilience, hard work, diligence and determination. You need more than the extra mile we’re so often encouraged to go. You need more than money and a comfortable crib. You need friends. And God really did bless me I found people like me- imperfect, but thirsty for… Read more →


I like septembers. My mother was born in this month. First love born in this month (4th). younger brother’s on 27th. Parent’s anniversary this month. On average I think I have about 5 birthdays every day in September. I also like Septembers because it ends long holidays when I have to do chores, lol. So today I’m celebrating a great… Read more →

There is Only One

In 1986, my father returned from Nsukka where he was running his Master’s programme at the University of Nigeria. When he got to Makurdi, his cousin the Late Mr Adama dragged him to a student fellowship meeting, with the spiritual blackmail: “do you know if God wants to bless you?”. After the meeting, he got on the shuttle buses conveying… Read more →

Crushing Clay

When I was in 100 level, i started talking to girls. Weird isn’t it? Because throughout my secondary school, girls were icky and disgusting to me; and when they finally began to make my head turn (and my heart beat faster) I was stuck in a timid web. So university was a refreshing experience- a respite, a recovery, a rebirth,… Read more →

ibimina Allwell-Brown

No matter how far we roam, home is where the heart is. And it is on this note that I take the time out from the looming reality of bar finals, to script these words. Even though the University of Abuja is generally one unpleasant memory, I must share with you the encounters that in themselves did not seem awesome,… Read more →

Inyene Rice Roberts

When I was in 2nd year, University of Abuja for the first time allowed Direct Entry Students. So I got new classmates- Mrs Akanmode (Supermummy), Chogu Ochai, (co-signatory to the Reciprocal Sugarparenting Enforcement Procedure), Chollom Chuntok (CLASFON president), Osahon Seun Osaghede (Who I had talks about Angels and fights about shoprite with). There was Perpetue Akoumba (with whom I practised… Read more →

ChrisDaniel Yebo Egamana-Cletus

in 2006 when i got admission to study law at the Prestigious university of Abuja, i identified myself with the Fellowship of Christian students. I made friends very quickly and i began to notice the different temperaments people were manifesting. i noticed the bubbly like me, and the extreme introverts. i noticed the talented and i noticed those whose joy… Read more →

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