Tuesday Oct 04, 2022

Crushing Clay

When I was in 100 level, i started talking to girls. Weird isn’t it? Because throughout my secondary school, girls were icky and disgusting to me; and when they finally began to make my head turn (and my heart beat faster) I was stuck in a timid web. So university was a refreshing experience- a […]

Inyene Rice Roberts

When I was in 2nd year, University of Abuja for the first time allowed Direct Entry Students. So I got new classmates- Mrs Akanmode (Supermummy), Chogu Ochai, (co-signatory to the Reciprocal Sugarparenting Enforcement Procedure), Chollom Chuntok (CLASFON president), Osahon Seun Osaghede (Who I had talks about Angels and fights about shoprite with). There was Perpetue […]

ChrisDaniel Yebo Egamana-Cletus

in 2006 when i got admission to study law at the Prestigious university of Abuja, i identified myself with the Fellowship of Christian students. I made friends very quickly and i began to notice the different temperaments people were manifesting. i noticed the bubbly like me, and the extreme introverts. i noticed the talented and […]

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