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Guest Writers

The Jurist

The light of day seem too bright for my face I’ll retire to darkness, a home in the chamber of hate A new dawn is another page, but these verses don’t change   A heart that once loved is now a home for nightmares Since memories became torture, the next breathe scares My heart fray and its colors turn pale,… Read more →

Pale Horizons

This silence echo cold whispers of dread Only moonlight prevail the blackness Finding my feet in this pond of fear Sea breeze grace my face with harshness I make way through the ocean’s coat of darkness With only lamplight aboard my ship I travel the depths and sail the dark west To find what I’ve longed for Some peace and… Read more →

The Day Your Silence Becomes Death

The time has come for you The moment life divorces you The day you can’t escape The last measure on age’s tape   Day that robs your breathe Day you can’t repent Day when decay becomes a friend Day you sleep beneath earth’s bed   Your haven for all seasons of toil Your new home in neighboring soil Your skin… Read more →

Beni’s Cross

It was a big day for Beni. That interview he had long desired just came through and he did not want anything to stop him. He tried to convince himself that this time the job was his, standing in front of his cracked mirror, his hair reflecting in four unequal parts definitely needed to be combed. He searched his drawer for… Read more →



Quick one, friends.

1. I’m struggling with Internet network here. That’s I’ve not been able to respond to comments and some messages. The posts you get to read actually go through many trials before scaling through. Kindly bear with me.

2. A young woman in Lagos whose life intersects mine is a year older today. I had earlier planned to take her to the Cinema today. But, as we know, I’m out of town. Kindly, on my behalf, send her birthday wishes here–>08109097xxx.

3. In the line of duty yesterday in Maiduguri, I received a call from Ekiti. My very good friend whom we share everything together lost his sister, my sister by extension. I am bereaved. But I am trying not to let this affect my mission. Kindly, on my behalf, send your prayers to him here–>08034138xxx

4. In the first hour that I arrived here, many calls have been asking when I will return. This project is more-or-less self-sponsored o. To fly Maiduguri to Lagos is N45,000. See Medview Airlines website. I’m to return to Abuja anyway; some 25k for the ticket. So, the next time you wanna ask me when am I returning, ensure you ask for my email so you send the details of my flight you’ve paid for. LOL

5. There’s this part of the story I weep as I pen it. If God spares these hands, we will have it here.

6. A bomb went off in Maiduguri last night. And as I type this, the bridge linking Gwoza to Maiduguri has been destroyed by the terrorists, and there’s an ongoing attack. People in Gwoza are now stranded, and unable to move over to Maiduguri.

(C) Femi Owolabi 2015

Maiduguri IV

This morning, I wake in Damaturu, Yobe State. Exgee and I share the same bed. I couldn’t sleep until 3am, held by worries. Exgee tells me many things that get me worried. Last night, when we had to stop at the Yobe Line Terminus because it was late and unsafe to go on to Maiduguri, the driver told me to… Read more →



Greetings from Bauchi. We are laying-over; to eat, pray and stretch legs.


Dem no get beans and dodo for this restaurant. I took jolof rice, garnished with fresh vegetables. It was nice.


And oh, that’s our darling Jash, checking out the bananas, probably for us. *wink


And then, my new friend, Ibraheem, helping to dust and re-shine my shoes.


2:40pm. We are 455km close to Maiduguri, a signpost tells me.


Maiduguri I

I am heading, from Abuja, to Maiduguri. By road. I am short of cash to get me fly. At the Mararaba Park, my brother, Adesina Mayowa, drops me. With these loads for the IDPs. The Park boys rush at my loads, and move them to the bus poised for Maiduguri. They are over charging me, for the loads of course.… Read more →


Over the course of the last week I was shocked from my inactivity. To be honest, I had practically forgotten about Boko Haram. I think there’s something about hearing so much bad news that it doesn’t touch you anymore. Boko Haram keeps killing people everyday and it’s just become a matter of numbers. We’re quickly approaching the 20,000-people mark. Just… Read more →

Dear You

Dear You, Spent another sleepless night. Waiting for sunrise. Waiting for Godot. The sun came and went, but I must have missed it. All I remember is black. That’s not to say that I’m blind… you of all people would know that. Sometimes I just feel like there is NO light at the end of the tunnel. Do you know… Read more →

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