Tuesday Oct 04, 2022

How to Survive NYSC orientation

  So you bloody otondos have finally made it to camp. All the tension while you waited for “mobilisation“; all the anxiety when you heard horror stories of people that were sent to bush camps in far-flung corners of the country. Maybe your worst fears were confirmed- you queued up, pushed, snarled at people, lied […]

An Exercise in Self-Depression

I have the most morbid of thoughts. I usually fantasize about plane crashes especially when I’m on a plane. I turn on my mobile phone when the pilot announces we’ve reached cruising altitude to see whether it’s really THAT dangerous, whether the plane will plunge because my phone’s signal will jam the plane’s radio system. […]

How to reBuild a Nation (part 3)

How to reBuild a Nation (part 3) Defining our National Standard is the starting point of the planning stage. What is the barest minimum a Nigerian should have access to in Health, Education, Housing, Food, Power Supply, Transportation and Communication? What is the barest level of religious tolerance acceptable? When we know what our standards […]

How to reBuild a Nation (Part 2)

  Defining a National Vision can be quite a feat, you know? We all come from different places. While a man raised in Lagos may dream of having a country having facilities that rival and/or surpass Disneyland, the O2 Arena, Old Trafford, the Sydney Opera House and the Burj Al-Arab; the man from deep in […]

How to reBuild a Nation

So our nation has been destroyed by the faulty foundation our well-intentioned heroes past laid for us. We could spend thousands of pages analysing who said what or who did what and who should have done what and did not…and miss the point. Our Fathers built a magnificient high-rising structure on a foundation that was […]

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