Sunday Dec 04, 2022


First of all, this is an apology.

I’ve been away. I have failed to waste at least 20 minutes of your life every other week as you stumble through the dark mazes of my crazy mind. The birthdays have slipped by and weirdly I could not write anything.  I think mostly it’s because I’ve been so concerned about work that every other thing seems to pale into insignificance. Blah blah blah.

I just blame work, the traffic every morning and evening at the city gate…and the total exhaustion that kicks in the moment I enter my house. By the way have you ever noticed that hunger multiplies the moment you see your door? Or that the urge to pee doubles when you’re fumbling with your house keys?so, back to the story. I have to leave early and return late. Which means I don’t have time to cook or do my laundry except really Delicate clothing. So yes, I basically stuff my face with bread, noodles, suya,  watermelon and anything that makes itself available on my way back from work.

I’ve always said that when a person is concerned with securing the daily necessities,  he or she cannot free up the mind for creative work.even if the creative work is satirical or mocking, it would take a pause , a looking back, an introspective look at things to produce anything. So I found myself stuck in this zone where ideas keep flowing while I confront the drudgery of work, traffic and boring food. And because those other things are more pressing, writing takes a backburner.

**yawwnn** okay my brain is shutting down with sleep. Let’s talk about this tomorrow


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  1. Welcome back Peter!

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