Thursday Feb 02, 2023


I will never forget how mother was brought home from the office that day. She looked like a vegetable though uncle Tom said it was only a slight fever but I knew mother’s situation was more than that. Mother stopped going to work which was very un-workaholic of her. When I asked why, she told me her boss thought she was overworking herself and she needed rest

. “Time off work!??? In and out of the hospital mum?” I painfully inquired of her when uncle Tom came to take her on another hospital visit. Father was unavoidably absent since he had been out of the country, he had been making plans to come back but I couldn’t fathom why it was taking so long. Well that was the last time I saw mother’s standing figure. After she went to the hospital that day, she never came back home.

“I will love you even in death” Mum said while trying to adjust herself on the bed. For the first time in years, I saw fear in mum’s eyes. I’ve always known her as a choleric woman but I saw her weaker side that day and it wasn’t a good sign.

“You are not dying mum, not today, not now” I protested with rivers of tears flowing down my cheeks.

Mother died later that evening and I discovered that mum did not die of a “slight fever” but of food poisoning which gradually broke her down. Maybe she felt I was too young to understand.

Well mum has gone and home is not the same.

Farida Adamu

Manifest of the best!

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