Thursday Feb 02, 2023


Over the course of the last week I was shocked from my inactivity.

To be honest, I had practically forgotten about Boko Haram. I think there’s something about hearing so much bad news that it doesn’t touch you anymore. Boko Haram keeps killing people everyday and it’s just become a matter of numbers. We’re quickly approaching the 20,000-people mark. Just over the last two Years Boko Haram destroyed my mother’s village (and by that I mean LEVELLED the place) and surrounding communities. Just last year a Boko Haram bomb killed an office colleague’s roommate. It’s easier to deal with it if it doesn’t come up much.

Femi Owolabi, a facebook Friend, and freelance Journalist has refused to allow that pain and suffering stay buried. He raised donations to help survivors of attacks and he personally traveled through Adamawa, Yobe and Borno states. He has captured the conditions of people in IDP (Internally Displaced Persons’) camps. He has interacted one-on-one with soldiers actually fighting the war, with residents for whom 4pm curfews have become the new normal. He documented his journey, complete with photographs.

I have secured his permission to reproduce his travelogue on this blog. I will repost one entry every few days or so. I hope it (re)awakens something in you.



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