Thursday Feb 02, 2023

How to reBuild a Nation

So our nation has been destroyed by the faulty foundation our well-intentioned heroes past laid for us. We could spend thousands of pages analysing who said what or who did what and who should have done what and did not…and miss the point.

Our Fathers built a magnificient high-rising structure on a foundation that was never built to carry the weight of the nation. And it crumbled in a bitter civil war when the 2nd Floor decided it didn’t want to be part of the building, and tried to leave the ground floor, 1st floor, 3rd floor and all the other floors. And the whole building just crumbled.

Now we have a chance to rebuild. We must ask ourselves, what kind of building do we want this time? How long do we want it to last? Is it going to be functional or just formal? How often are we going to renovate? How will we power the building? How will we pay for the maintenance? Will we be able to expand it say, if we have more children than our fathers?

What is the ideal? What do we want as our national ideology? It is good that we are a very hardworking, diligent people, but what future are we working for? What is the vision? Sailors swab the decks, catch some fish, watch the wind, set sail, cook meals…but all those activities are useless except they have a destination in mind. The strongest of winds and the calmest of seas will be of no real benefit to those aboard a ship with no destination!

Seneca, the philosopher once said that anyone who is traveling without a destination in mind will regard any wind as favourable. Such a person will never get anywhere!

All the government work, all the security forces, all the media houses, all the private businesses, all the entertainers, all the students, all the scientists…what is our collective purpose? What do we want out of life? Where do we want to be as a country in the next…10 years? 25 Years? 50 Years? 100 years?

What is our National Vision?


6 thoughts on “How to reBuild a Nation

  1. In my opinion peace, exemplary education levels, religious tolerance should be part of the National Vision. We need to learn and teach our children that backbone is what is important and that we need to continue building on it. I was reading an article that a country somewhere was building a church, a mosque, a synagogue among other prayer houses on one piece of land meaning the country would pray together regardless of their faith. This would kill any terrorism as no one would interfere or teach rubbish. I’m not sure how good Nigeria’s education system is but Kenya’s sucks and I see education as a very very important part of building any nation. Love for one another eradicating any tribalism, racialism or sexism. Our Nations need to grow to be able to stand strong without Western support, build our own medical research centers, depend on our own resources. I’ve got plenty more to add but i think this is a starting point.

  2. Hmnnn…. Thoughtful piece…. 1st question- Are we willing to get things right? If we aren’t we should not bother ourselves @ all. Rebuilding takes a collective effort @ all levels. It involves making the right decisions per time and compromising sometimes when necessary. It could be really sacrificing too for many. If we can think outside ourselves a bit, i’m convinced we’ll go a long way!!

    • Well, if we don’t get things right, this new house will collapse on our heads; it will kill our children in their sleep; soon we will all be homeless people perching at the street corners, surviving purely on the charity of people who we should be feeding!

      Are YOU ready to get things right?

  3. First things first… We should do away with all the contractors, architects etc who worked on d first faulty building as they have nothing to offer. Let the fresh minds step up then step in to vacant shoes. Let us give this contract to one firm n build with singularity of purpose.

    • “We cannot solve problems with the kind of reasoning that created them”- Albert Einstein

      ALL the contractors and architects? I would expect that we keep them as negative consultants…to remind us how NOT to build!

  4. You sometimes hear of the ‘American dream’ but it seems we as a country are just floating…we can’t just happen to get it right, there has to be a political will and sustainability of a vision before the collective will can follow…God Bless Nigeria

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