Sunday Dec 04, 2022


Your browser doesn’t have a problem; i really have been silent since september. september to june!that’s exactly how long i stayed in my mother’s womb. Anyways, i seem to be back.

I’ve been rather busy with school and church work. hectic lectures, crazy friends, lots and lots of music, dance, drama, and loooooong lectures. But it’s all for the best. Law school starts in october, so i might have some two free months after my final exams.

What i’m saying is, I don’t think you should expect me on blogger anytime soon. Keep your head up, face the world, conquer, live good lives, be all you can be, serve humanity, fear God. Et cetera

when I come back, I’ll tell you lots and lots of stories. you like that, don’t you?

(by the way, who’s figured AdSense out yet?)


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  1. Luv your sense of humor

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