Sunday Dec 04, 2022

John Mangoseed III

A tiny insect was crawling up my left leg. That was how I knew the feeling had returned to my skin.

It tickled.

It started slowly from the sole of my feet. Those callused feet that my mother would have killed me for if she knew i still had them. When I was a boy, she would force a pumice stone into my hands and threaten to use it on my face if i came out of the bathroom without scrubbing the dead skin off.

The insect moved lowly forward, towards my toes. I tried to kick it off but my feet couldn’t move. All of a sudden, I noticed that it wasn’t one but TWO insects, one crawling on either side of my foot. I jerked my foot as hard as I could, but I could only flex my toes.


They didn’t go away. Instead they seemed to have instantly multiplied and were now four. One already making it’s way up my ankles, the others still doing laps around my calluses. I began to fear for myself. Where did the nurses go? How did insects even get into my bandages? I flexed my toes again to see if I could dislodge them. I couldn’t. But the insects paused their march and seemed to have left me alone.

Then it started again. This time i could feel the thousands of insects scurrying up my ankles. Then they got to my calves. Then they got to my knees. Now i was frightened. If they made it to my groin I would definitely be finished. Where did these Nurses go?

I tried to flex my toes and surprisingly they ALL responded. Well all on the left foot. I flexed up and down. Every time I flexed the insects slowed their march. I unclenched my toes and the insects resumed their march. I felt my heart beating faster. Suddenly a shrill beeping started beside me. And a few seconds later, I heard footsteps approaching me.


“Halima!” the voice yelled. It was Asabe.

what is it?” Halima answered. She sounded really pissed.

take a look at our guy

The insects had already crossed my thighs. I had to slow them until these nitwits noticed there was something wrong with me. i flexed my toes one more time.

Jesus!” Halima squealed. “He just flexed!”

This is great I’m going to get Doctor!Asabe announced.

Halima bent over me. I picked up her scent. It was a fruity scent. The same fruity fragrance I’d picked from Doctor’s clothes the other day. I guess they must have hugged the same person. The insects crawled up my thigh and past my waist and totally ignored my crotch. Whatever luck I had was shining at the moment. But why didn’t Halima do anything? Couldn’t she see them? What kind of hospital is this?!

Asabe’s light footfalls were now accompanied by heavier feet. Must be doctor.


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