Sunday Dec 04, 2022

Lessons from the world cup (south Africa 2010)

Okay, so Nigeria got knocked out. So did england, cote d’ivoire, cameroun, south africa…and probably every other team that had a huge crowd of supporters.

No, it’s not over, but we can begin to pick out the interesting bits that’ve already come and gone.

Who remebers Yakubu Aiyegbeni? The one who did well at Nigeria’s friendly match with Korea (don’t ask ne, I’m not that football-mad!) and then wasted Nigeria’s worldcup dream? I mean, my grandmother or my three-year old sister couldn’t miss such an opportunity. Some people say it was JUJU, y’know, VOODOO? I heard someone say that the goalpost shifted just as soon as he kicked the ball!!!

And sanni Keita? Nigerians sooo hate that guy at the moment. that was a useless red card against greece!!! And imagine- greece that was supposed to be a walkover…greece that has never scored at the world cup, EVER had to score their first goal, and had to beat Nigeria!

That makes me wonder why we bother to include expired players in our team, people who have no conviction or motivation other than money and a chance to swap jerseys with their children’s heroes! They always show up late for training, they always make loud statements on TV and radio, vowing to destroy our enemies. for example, Joseph YOBO declared that he’d rather die than lose to south korea! (Well, I haven’t seen any obits recently, have you?)

The Super CHickens (err….i mean, eagles) this year did not feature any of the under 17 silver-medalists. rather the likes of Kanu Nwankwo, Joseph Yobo, And Yakubu aiyegbeni who did nothing but demoralise the team, and the fans!!!! We need fresh legs, people who are hungry for glory. Are we saying that our local leagues are incapable of producing world-class players? The same “International” players are professional benchwarmers!!! how many of them start for their clubs?

The administration of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) should be flogged on national TV. Who told us that indigenous coaches are useless? Our local coaches help us qualify. Then some people with two heads inisist that we get a foreign coach. For what? Have we ever left the group stages of the world cup? NEVER!!!!!


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