Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Of Friends and Gentlemen

My name is Chloe. Believe it or not

I acquired that name in my 200level from my room mate, Tosin Akinyemi (Mega). Mega

gave me the name cos just like Chloe Sullivan in Smallville, I always happened to have a

piece of information about just anybody in our university at the time. If I didn’t have it, I

could get it in a short while.

That penchant of mine to know people intricately has not waned. And neither has my

admiration for Mega.

Tosin is perhaps, the most impressive young man you could ever come across. Smart,

godly, tech savvy, industrious, kind hearted and humorous, Mega is a bundle of virtue.

And Mega was mischievous! I remember quite vividly some pranks and practical jokes

we pulled on our friends and neighbours some of which went sideways…

Mega is very accommodating. For certain reasons, our off-campus apartment

was a secretariat of a sort for Law Students and people in general. I wasn’t quite

accommodating however so while guests were met by my scowl and non-committal nods,

Mega welcomed them and challenged them to a game of Pro Evolution Soccer.

Mega was a good footballer. Perhaps, judging from his fit frame, he still is. Mega had the

ability to lift his team by his footballing ability and commitment to the team. I remember

in our 2nd year, during a game against the 300level class during the final of the Faculty

Cup, the Referee awarded a controversial free kick against us on the line of our penalty

box. While all the other players surrounded the Referee to register their displeasure,

Mega went and stood in front of the ball for fear that the ref would blow his whistle and

catch our defence unawares. That was how Mega’s mind worked during a game- for the

team’s good.

Mega is the kind of friend that could influence you without effort. Real Madrid played

Bayern in a much talked-about game yesterday and I didn’t see a minute of the game.

I however sat through 120 minutes of football and a nail-biting penalty shootout in

the final of the 08 Champions’ League for Mega’s sake. Thankfully, Mega’s team-

Manchester United- won the game. Mega’s joy was infectious. I went home happy as

if I liked Man U or cared about football. When Mega started dating his girlfriend (with

whom he just celebrated their 4-year anniversary), I immediately wanted a relationship

like his. When I did get into one, I messaged him on Facebook to say “I have a girlfriend

now. I’m so on top of the world”. That relationship is dead now but my wish to have

a relationship like like Mega’s isn’t. When in Law School and bogged by academic

endeavour as well as many extracurricular activities, I was approached by Mega to join

the One Naira Movement, I knew I was too choked to function there but I couldn’t say no

to Mega. I joined and sadly became a redundant member.

Talking about One Naira Movement, Mega started the Movement to help the needy

and less-privileged by collating donations from the public. His philosophy was that

no donation was too little, hence the name One Naira Movement. Thus today, one can

participate in putting a smile on a face through the Movement by donating very little or

just giving up used clothes. Looking through their pictures on Facebook, I saw a picture

of Mega wearing a tag which read- “One Naira Movement- Volunteer”. Only a person of

Mega’s stuff could be a Convener and give himself the title “Volunteer”.

Today isn’t Mega’s birthday or any milestone of his life. Today is however the day I

realised that Mega is going off to Law School in a bit. Mega should have gone off to Law

School with us about 2 years ago but for a certain vindictive lecturer from our university

days. Today however, he’s exalted beyond the pettiness of individuals in the past. I

have no doubt that Mega’s good heart will go before him and give him victory over the

dreaded Bar Finals.

So I make a toast to one of the best men that ever lived, Tosin “Mega” Akinyemi. I wish

you the best bro!

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One thought on “Of Friends and Gentlemen

  1. Ope Owotumi, I really don’t know what to say because I’m overwhelmed. Very grateful for your kind words, you were a real brother who shared one’s pains as much as happiness. I remember vividly almost everything, esp “chloe” 🙂
    I’m encouraged and challenged to do well. Let’s keep in touch please.
    May God bless you bro, Amen.

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