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Full Circle

You’re back at the place you swore you’d never be.     You love her even though she’s smashed your heart to pieces.   She smashed your x-box to a thousand more pieces. She destroyed all the ties you had to all your friends. At first you told them they didn’t understand the responsibilities of being in a committed relationship headed… Read more →

Spitting Pap (or my 26th Birthday Speech)

It was my birthday yesterday and I hated it. Shocker?   No. Not like something spectacularly bad happened. Just a series of tiny incidents that made me lose interest in the day. I’d been sick with food poisoning the day before. I woke up and somehow twisted my foot as I was getting out of bed. And then I tried… Read more →

For Writers: How to prevent plagiarism

Sorry it took me this long. Work and all that.   ____________ so very broadly, plagiarism is when one person uses another person’s creative work (music, video, painting, writing and so on) without properly crediting the orignal creator of the work. Okay I made that up (it applies to written works). It is a bad thing because it makes people feel annoyed… Read more →

Ramiya II

The second time i met Ramiya, there were no fireworks. There were, however, tiny adrenaline worms crawling up my veins when she texted me “i’m in class. let you know when i get out”. I should have been watching straight outta Compton with the guys at Yorkdale but this was definitely more important in the schedule of things. let me… Read more →

Beni’s Cross

It was a big day for Beni. That interview he had long desired just came through and he did not want anything to stop him. He tried to convince himself that this time the job was his, standing in front of his cracked mirror, his hair reflecting in four unequal parts definitely needed to be combed. He searched his drawer for… Read more →

Autumn Leaves

I love the sound of the word. Autumn. It makes me think of “automatic” and the word ‘column”.  Columns make me think of Greece and Rome and the collapse of empires. The Fall of empires. Maybe this is why the Americans call Autumn “Fall”. Because the leaves drying up and lining the streets with red and gold leaves remind them… Read more →

John Mangoseed III

A tiny insect was crawling up my left leg. That was how I knew the feeling had returned to my skin. It tickled. It started slowly from the sole of my feet. Those callused feet that my mother would have killed me for if she knew i still had them. When I was a boy, she would force a pumice… Read more →

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