Sunday Dec 04, 2022

Reader’s Block


Is this a joke?


Nope, really, I have reader’s block. I simply can’t read. It doesn’t matter how amazing the book is, all of a sudden i’ve noticed that I’ve come to dread words on paper. I have this amazing book by Haruki Murakami…now wait, I said Amazing because Michael Ogah and Onyeka Nwelue say he is, and some of Murakami’s books are listed as the top 10 authors you should read before you die (don’t ask me for a link). I just can’t bring myself to look at a book. I get tired after a few lines. Imagine I’ve gone through only 3 pages in 4 days. That’s totally impossible for me on a normal day.


So yes, why?


I’m still trying to figure it out. Since January I’ve been in school. I’ve read academic books that make Nigerian Law School almost look like a joke. No, really you have a whole year to study for law school and then you write only 5 exams. I have an average of 3 days of classes per course. I have to read an average of 1500 pages ahead of the classes. Obviously I never finish the material until AFTER the class. When the class ends, I have to write an exam. Now that could be take-home or in-class exams. Sometimes (translation: most of the time), I have to write a 3,000 word paper. Sometimes I have to write a 3,000-word paper AND write an exam in class. So somehow, I’ve managed to read about 50,000 words every three months and write about 9,000 words every three months. Approximately 180,000 academic words this year. Oh I forgot that 9,000 word paper i submitted last week. Wicked people :'(


This whole time I’ve told myself it’s because I’m busy. That once I get a week to myself, I will read novels like I want to die. I have books from Didi Nwala, Chizurum Uche and Chinelo Mgbeadichi in my email just waiting to be read. Now I have a break of almost 2 months and I can’t bring myself to READ. Maybe it’s because It’s words on printed paper. I’ve noticed I have no problem reading James Potter books (fanfic written by G. Norman Lippett). I’ve noticed I find it hard to read printed Bibles but once it’s an audio bible or Youversion or Biblehub.


So help me people. I want to read. My soul is hungry for a good book that will fill these coming weeks. If you have something you believe is REALLY REALLY good and would shock me out of my Readers Block, please hook me up. Whether you wrote it or someone wrote it and you’d love to recommend…just tell me.



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  1. Blue Nowhere – Jeffery Deaver
    Skin – Ted Dekker

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