Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Sotonye IX

By the time it was 9:30pm, Soso had become a quivering mass of Jelly. She lay face down on her mattress.


Now that I thought of it- Soso never bothered to have a bedframe. She’d just return from anywhere and throw herself down. Whenever she woke up from sleep, she’d make a path through the clothes, shoes, towels and CDs. Wooden frames lined the wall. After a few seconds of staring I realized it was a set of racks for shoes and another for dishes. The only thing that remained spotless was the TV stand


Soso darling…” I teased

“Leave me alone”. I waited for the missile that was bound to come. Before I counted to 10, a sneaker came flying and smacked me squarely in the ear.

come on…Is it that bad? You just met the guy today and you’re paralyzed. This is exactly why I don’t want you to hang out with this guy. You realize that we can sense your excitement?”

Soso ignored me and took to inspecting her non-existent nails. She’d chewed them to the quick from the hours of waiting. Honestly it was pathetic! I’d seen this type of girl before- she’d be excited, do everything to make you happy, bug you with phone calls, swamp you with text messages, get all chummy-chummy with your best bodies. But this type of girl will be totally possessive, easily hurt by anything you do or say. Essentially, a no-go area. But if I told her about it, she’d release the waterworks on me.

okay, you know what? You can text him back…”

She lifted her head from the mattress.

keep talking…”

“if you clean up your room”


“you tell me in correct sequence, how to do your makeup”

“that’s easy-  cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, apply foundation, do  the eyes and then the lips; ALWAYS lipstick before lip gloss”

If I tell you I wasn’t surprised, I’d be lying. Soso that never EVER paid any attention to beauty tips! What went right?

yes, you’re that good a teacher” she added, a slow Sotonye Smile forming on her lips.

wow, I need to give myself more credit around here”


Soso got up and started packing stuff off the floor.


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