Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Sotonye X

You know when the bible said “As the deer pants for water”? so did sotonye’s soul long to just reply that message. She whimpered like a kid as her fingers landed on the keyboard, I’ve not seen her type that fast before

“What are you doing?” I sounded too inquisitive and I knew it.

“Is that a question? Am replying of course”

“Remember not to sound too desperate o. I would rather that you even tell him you are busy. At least let him do a little chasing”

“Yes!” she exclaimed, smiling at her phone.

“You are not even listening to me” I grimaced

“Am sorry, just excited. Ehen what do you think I should wear?”

“Well, lets see what you have”

Soso opened the big Echolacc that stood at the other end of her room. I had always seen it but never cared much about what was inside.


“what a pleasant suprise” I teased as she opened the box. It was full of lovely designer dresses and shoes.

“Where did you get all this from?”

“I’ve had them all the while. Okay make a selection”she replied almost lackadaisically as her eyes peered through the box. I made the selection for her, a white polka-dotted peplum dress that had what seemed like diamond stones decorated on the neck.

The next day Sotonye appeared in my room. I had fallen asleep after having a good read on At first, I thought it was a dream so I wiped my face with my hand and did it again.


She grinned “Now that you are seeing clearly, can you tell me how I look?”She said as she spun round.

She wore the white peplum gown that had diamond-like stone decorations on the neck. She glittered like a harlequin. Her face was radiant, make-up properly done, hair falling to her shoulders. I could not believe my eyes. She wasn’t really a boy after all cause what stood in front 100percent girly and beautiful, extremely gorgeous.



“No what?” She looked disturbed

“No you can’t see Chuks like this”



At this point I did not know what to say. I loved Sotonye was a fact I could not deny but how I am helping her slip into the hands of one out-of-the-blues chuks guy was what I could not come to terms with.

“Because what?” She now sounded more concerned “Don’t I look good?”

“Soso you look gorgeous but I have something to say to you”

“okay am listening” she said as she gracefully sat on my chair.


What the hell was I about doing? How can I even tell her I love her at a time like this? Voices in my head. One urging me to just say it and the other asking me to just lay low. Since from experience, the “still small voice” is always the right one, I decided to just keep to my feelings.

“I think you are simply amazing and you deserve to be happy” I finally uttered. A lovely smile protruded her beautifully painted lips.

“Thank you” she whispered holding my hands. I helped her up and drew her close.

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