Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Sotonye X

Sotonye grabbed her phone to reply the text like she had just been given food after a three-day fast.

She kept asking me if it was good enough, if it didn’t sound too desperate, all the while, accusing me of having an ‘annoying grin’ plastered on my face. Finally, she sent the message, agreeing to lunch and saying nothing more.

‘Don’t tell him it was nice meeting him.’ I instructed. ‘Don’t give him too much reason to be excited. He has to be nervous. That way, he would aim to please, and then the power will be yours.’

Soso had looked at me with the puzzled expression I was beginning to see more often these days. She usually felt very sure of herself in the past. But she obeyed none the less, and not too long after,

‘It’s a date then. Cheers!’ Chuks replied.

Soso looked at her phone, then looked at me, and slowly, I watched her lips part in her characteristic Soso-smile. This time, I wasn’t just dazed. I was jealous.


The next day, I heard a nervous tap on my door. It couldn’t have been Sotonye, since she usually either banged on the door  or barged in like an invading army. I did a quick mental calculation as to who it could possibly be since the only visitor I’d had in weeks had been Sotonye. Earlier that day, we hadn’t gone jogging together ‘cause Iwas too sleepy. I got to my room late last night and still managed to write before going to bed. I was particularly inspired; my muse seemed to have awoken with a somersault and was jumping all over the place. So I slept late and woke up late, and missed the morning exercises. I knew Soso must have gone and the fact that she must have been with Chuks made me feel uneasy. I just hoped she had been able to curtail her enthusiasm. I decided I was going to find out later today when I went over to her place before she left on her date.


Then another gentle tap on the door brought me back to the present. I went over to open the door, and my jaw dropped when I saw who it was. Soso looked dashing, like fresh flowers in their bloom. Her hair was properly styled, her gown was short, fitted, very well-tailored, and she wore golden high heels! It was unbelievable. It took all the strength I had not to swoon and fall to my face. The tomboyish Soso I knew was missing, who was this girl?


‘Why are you looking like you’ve just seen a ghost?’, she said, attempting to sound like her casual self.

She failed.

‘Who are you? And where have you put my Soso?’, I asked, unable to suppress my astonishment.


‘Is that why you won’t let me in, eh?’

After moving away for her to come in, I watched as she carefully walked in and sat on my chair. She could sit there forever if she so pleased, I really didn’t care at the moment. I noticed she staggered a little, and understood it was because of the heels.

‘Tell me about this transformation. Start talking!’ I said, still staring.

She looked at me, uncertainly.

‘You think it’s good?’

‘I think you look fabulous. Our Soso is a girl!’ I announced playfully. ‘Where did you get the dress from?’

‘I had it all the while. My mum usually bought all these clothes for me in hope that I’d get to wear them one day. Trust me; I wanted to give them out to charity.’

‘I came to show you this look, see if I have been an excellent student. This is how I plan on going out with him.’

‘I love the look Sotonye. You have an A on this one.’ She grinned widely and bowed. I chuckled.

‘You like him?’ I asked.


‘You like Chuks?’

‘I don’t know jor. I mean he is cute and all, but, I don’t really know him.’ she said.

‘’Did you guys see earlier today?’

She nodded.‘Sleepy head, I called your number severally, you didn’t pick.’

‘Apparently, someone kept me up with her unending questions.’ I said sarcastically.

‘So you say I’m good to go, eh?’


After a little more teasing and small talk, she left my room and I realized the truth that had been staring me in the face all this while.

I loved her.


Ife Olujuyigbe

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