Sunday Dec 04, 2022


Today I managed to squeeze onto the subway . I’ve always imagined myself above the hoipolloi, preferring expensive taxis to riding the crowded rush hour trains where I’d lose all connectivity for a terrifying 30 minutes.

But today is different. Today I’ve lost my wallet and the only way I can get it back is to go to the Bay Subway station where they have the lost and found articles.

It amazes me what kind of society would have a receptacle for items people were careless about. Heck last year I voted for an MP that planned to turn that space into a skating rink. Not that I would ever take the subway. Not that I would ever engage in anything as life threatening as ice skating. It’s just the PRINCIPLE that people should learn to be responsible for their own actions and failures and no one should be burdened with the task of tending other people’s failures.

Yes, the irony is totally lost on me. They found my wallet, so what? Why should I stand shoulder to shoulder with smelly blue-collar workers who actually have to sweat to make their money? Why should I have to breathe the same air with fat men in grizzly beards who probably smack their children and beat their wives? Why should I have to share a common destiny with a train driver who probably took a hit of whiskey on his last break?

If not that I hate making life more difficult for the poor fellows who collect minimum wage for a thankless job MORE than I hate unhygienic public transport, I would just call my bank and have all my cards blocked until I can pick up a new one.

I can afford it. I’m rich.



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