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To my faithful readers

Because you give me such valuable feedback (not all of you are nice though), I’m constantly working to improve your reader experience. I’m currently experimenting with eye-friendly fonts and colours. I’m also working on giving proper references for the images I feature in my post (some of you think I create them ALL). Because of a technical issue you can… Read more →


First of all, this is an apology. I’ve been away. I have failed to waste at least 20 minutes of your life every other week as you stumble through the dark mazes of my crazy mind. The birthdays have slipped by and weirdly I could not write anything.  I think mostly it’s because I’ve been so concerned about work that… Read more →

The Sleepwalkers 2

One thing about dreams I noticed, is that I seem to jump in right in the middle of something. The fact that I was not there when the dream started is irrelevant, because as soon as I enter, I KNOW everything that has happened, and the current situation of things. It’s like when I play CALL OF DUTY, BROTHERS IN… Read more →

Owanate D. Max-Harry

Finally I’ve dusted my keyboard in 2014. I thought I would end my “great-people-I-know” series in 2013, but with Oyinkan’s birthday, Owanate and Dumebi’s birthdays this month I just cannot skip this.   In My Birthday speech of 2012 (Bros over Cutlasses) I talked and talked about how I needed to reduce the amount of female friendships I was cultivating.… Read more →

Chogu Betty Ochai

PIf you’re on my bbm you’d probably have heard a lot of noise about my sugarmummy. Today I get to tell you more about this woman. In 200level (2008), We got new students in my Law faculty through the Direct Entry (DE) scheme. I’ve mentioned that several times on this blog- that several of the awesome people that have come to… Read more →

The Mob is A Demon

The Mob is a demon. It sucks people in- great and small, fat and thin, weak and strong. People just going about their normal lives, heading to work, market or school- even church. It controls them like puppets, pulling them in whatever direction it wants to go. Mobsters don’t need a valid reason for lynching anyone- all it needs is… Read more →

The Almost Girlfriends

This has been a long time coming. When I was in 200 level, my neighbor Amelia came to my room to ask for a wrapper. And when I said I didn’t have one, she asked “then how do you cope when your girlfriend comes to visit?”. I calmly told her I didn’t have a girlfriend. Back then I didn’t understand… Read more →

How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

  1. Click on the AdBlock Plus icon on the top right corner of your browser
  2. Click on "Enabled on this site" from the AdBlock Plus option
  3. Refresh the page and start browsing the site
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