Thursday Feb 02, 2023

To my faithful readers

Because you give me such valuable feedback (not all of you are nice though), I’m constantly working to improve your reader experience. I’m currently experimenting with eye-friendly fonts and colours. I’m also working on giving proper references for the images I feature in my post (some of you think I create them ALL). Because of […]

At The Altar

So I cast my mind back over the years…The storms we weathered, the fears we conquered. I look at the opportunities we ignored, the deadlines we narrowly missed. I look at those Oh – My – God did – you – see – that moments- those rare suns that set as we watched; those times […]

Owanate D. Max-Harry

Finally I’ve dusted my keyboard in 2014. I thought I would end my “great-people-I-know” series in 2013, but with Oyinkan’s birthday, Owanate and Dumebi’s birthdays this month I just cannot skip this.   In My Birthday speech of 2012 (Bros over Cutlasses) I talked and talked about how I needed to reduce the amount of […]

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