Sunday Dec 04, 2022

Escaping the friendzone (3)

BRIEF NOTE. Last time I announced I’d be sharing people’s stories- but I think recognising the mistake that get us zoned is a bit more important than sorry stories. I appreciate the feedback I’m getting (REALY, I DO. I got about 1,000 views on the friendzone series alone!) I will be addressing this third instalment […]

Escaping The Friendzone (2)

hope you’ve had good time to think about your plight. Because you desperately want to be free- you want to be able to look them in the eye without feeling like a hypocrite. Because everyone still thinks you’re friends- just that you’ve hit a tough patch. But the communication gap is deepening- she no longer […]

Escaping The Friendzone (1)

So at long last I decide to talk about this. Let me get this straight. You’re a nice person- full of life, absolutely adorable, caring. You have this wonderful awesome buddy of the opposite sex. And you guys are like a perfect pair. People don’t ask if you’re dating…it’s more like “how long have you […]

uchenna Enyioha Akamba-Thomas

When girls get married (except you’re gonna be an adulterer) very likely that’s the end of all the good times. All the calls at 9pm will end, all the random surprises will end, all the surprise meals delivered to your house will disappear. In fact, a wave of married-ness suddenly descends on these people who […]

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