Thursday Feb 02, 2023

The Catechist

Jerry Ifeanyi Chiemeke I ran into him often but we never “officially” started talking until the last month of law school. Before that, It was the usual comment or two on my blog, and on His when he started blogging. I remember being vaguely impressed with his blogging skills as he said he started the […]

Sleep Hallows

I closed my eyesWhen I felt the first waves of the sleep waterswash over my nodding felt like the April of the day-balmy warmth thawing out my frozen belly they snore, they sighthey grumble at the unrepentant boreThe students at the Nigerian Law Schoolmake the seats hum and vibrate with their ceaseless banter Yet […]

Learning Igbo

Ifo chakpii! Chakpii! Onwerem otu akuko m ga koroonu! (now, YOU say “kooro anyi k’obi di anyi mma”) I was going to post about how one visit to the dermatologist made me know that the source of my dry, cracked, blistered lips wasn’t kissing a spider in my sleep (or other similar ridiculous projection) but […]

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