Sunday Dec 04, 2022

Crushing Clay

When I was in 100 level, i started talking to girls. Weird isn’t it? Because throughout my secondary school, girls were icky and disgusting to me; and when they finally began to make my head turn (and my heart beat faster) I was stuck in a timid web. So university was a refreshing experience- a […]

That Unibuja Will Know Peace

i graduated from the University of Abuja in 2012. Funny, because I got my admission in December of 2006. From the very first semester, we became familiar with school being shut at least 3 times a year. in January of 2007, after about two weeks of lectures, (around 16th January) a student was attacked by […]

uchenna Enyioha Akamba-Thomas

When girls get married (except you’re gonna be an adulterer) very likely that’s the end of all the good times. All the calls at 9pm will end, all the random surprises will end, all the surprise meals delivered to your house will disappear. In fact, a wave of married-ness suddenly descends on these people who […]

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