Sunday Dec 04, 2022

Teaposh Akanni

Today is an odd day.

I’m celebrating a friend I met on facebook. That isn’t much these days but it was in the early days of my online inner child learning to grow.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and everyday was a better smile. Everytime my phone rang, I silently hoped it was bestest calling. Why?

In the short time I got to know that there were other people asking the same questions I was. There were other people seeking God out. There were times I had to take emergency calls…there were times I had to roll my eyes and listen patiently to a girl talk about a boy (believe me it’s not as painless as we make it look).

I got to “meet” her friends- eunice, charity, Peter (who I later met in Law school), samson, Jayden, Ronald…most of who I’ve never seen in person. But in common, they were talented people- writers, dancers, singers and actors.

She’s given me links to great songs. To those whose ears I’ve worn sore singing “Allegiance” produced by CK…well, blame her!

We’ve been broke together, rich together…she’s given me quality advice as I love to think I’ve given her too. I’ve heard her sing on the phone, and her song “I am Yours”. She told me- “when I’m done you’ll be the first to hear it”. I felt awesome! And well I tracked the song from the instrumentals till the voicing. That song was deep- I know I’ll be singing it for a long time.

I can’t write much of the experiences because with her I learned confidentiality. And accountability too. But I’ve secretly been practising the Big-bro part.

Talent is never an excuse to live a careless life. Hearty cheers to people with talent and brains.

Happy Birthday Teniola
Bestest Loves you 😉


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