Thursday Feb 02, 2023

The Day Your Silence Becomes Death

The time has come for you

The moment life divorces you

The day you can’t escape

The last measure on age’s tape


Day that robs your breathe

Day you can’t repent

Day when decay becomes a friend

Day you sleep beneath earth’s bed


Your haven for all seasons of toil

Your new home in neighboring soil

Your skin escapes the whip of the sun

Your soul to the creator return


Silence louder than a million chants

Silence life can’t grant

Silence that retires your dreams

Silence that prevails worldly seals


Be you master or servant

Be you rich or poor

Be you Jesus or Paul

Be you hero or villain

Be you slave or lord.


Come dance with roots of trees

Come dine with cold beneath

Come he who walk the earth

Come hither who life reject

Come embrace colors of ghostly scenes


Death if only you could see

Death is easier than A, B, C

Death knows all seasons

Death forever will be

Death gives no reasons

Death comes as it please.

Ini Martins

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