Thursday Feb 02, 2023

The Jurist

The light of day seem too bright for my face

I’ll retire to darkness, a home in the chamber of hate

A new dawn is another page, but these verses don’t change


A heart that once loved is now a home for nightmares

Since memories became torture, the next breathe scares

My heart fray and its colors turn pale, fast fade


A sadness orchestrated by pain in melodies of sins committed

Lying motionless, tears sliding down my face, a known motion

The mass of memory reach depths destructive, a minded hell


A hand stretched out, a thirst for saving, a gasp for grace

For deliverance I wait in a queue of regret and self-hate

Suffocating in remorse, with a desire for life to deflate


The truth can’t set me free, the sparrow of guilt will find me

Fate defined by the hangman’s roster, life soon will deny me

Wages for things I have done, repentance a mountain before me


Delete, edit, cut, eject, bury the guilt, seek reprieve

As demons climb up my tears into my head, birthing fear

An eternal sentence awaits, a rest in heaven, agony in hell.

Ini Martins

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