Sunday Dec 04, 2022

The world is a Teenager

The World is a teenager
It is caught in the mire of mindless materialism, perennially chasing the latest craze. The world is operating on sensory delights, forgetting that the things that truly matter are unseen such as the future, such as peace for all.

The world is trapped in the maze of pleasure, fulfilling every craving without inhibitions and when those cravings are fulfilled, invent even deeper cravings. The world is high on hallucinogens, experimenting with psychedelics, suppressing reason with psychotropic substances. The music that should calm the soul, celebrate or even inspire to greater achievement have become the hymn to its own downfall- celebrating senseless violence and debauchry

A world that turns reason on its head, a world that refuses to live by any rules; forgetting that the seemingly archaic morals that it so hastily abandons, were the supporting structures that sustained previous generations.

A culture of arrogant belief in one’s self as the final authority, as the sole decider of his own destiny. It is a rebellion against any doctrine that preaches any form of restraint; be it religion or ecological conservationism. Thus the world constantly ignores any established principle, any ideal, any ideology that promotes the advancement of the inner self through discipline and steady growth.

The world demands everything NOW, discarding the slow-hatchers, failing to plan adequately for the future; making rash decisions as long as such decisions promise instant gratification. Thus the world falls for the same frauds, the same lies, the same politicians over again. Because the place of history and memory is destroyed, the lies and the frauds return dressed prettier than ever, and the world falls over again.

The world is spinning out of control, creating counter cultures against whatever is established, forming alliances doomed to fail because there are no principles except pleasure. When there are no cultures left to counter, the world will create counter-counter cultures.

The world thinks it’s grown up, moving out of the protective care of parents, playing with forces too dangerous to handle alone, making friends with the wrongest influences possible in the name of being cool, of advancing up the ladder of social acceptability

One day the world will wake up and see the foolishness of its ways; The piercings and tattoos once cherished will sought to be hidden, but they will remain indelible. The world will seek to change, but by then the strength and vigour to correct the mistakes will be lost save for a few individuals who missed the bus.

The world has a very short time to change its ways. before compulsory dlthood escends
The world is a teenager


2 thoughts on “The world is a Teenager

  1. The World from this point of view of it being a teenager is indeed a teenager. My only concern is that the world portrayed here as a teenager forgets that sometimes the teenager makes decisions as an adult. The truth is that most times a teenager is let me say brash but at other times the teenager makes you proud of him/her. So what about that part?
    Let us not also forget that every adult is a teenager except that time and experiences had its effects on that teenager teaching him what he now knows and makes him an adult.
    Its really a great piece you have put together but I think u can please expand the vision to capture all the essence and characteristics of a teenager. Thanks

  2. lol…very true. i only restricted myself to the delinquent stage of adolescence. perhaps you could write a rejoinder and i'll publish it on this blog

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