Sunday Dec 04, 2022

Tricol High

Thank you guys for the feedback on the friendzone series. I went into deep contemplation, and I asked myself, “dude, are you TRULY out?”. While I dig through the stockpile of emotional trophies flash-frozen in time, I think I might as well brighten your day with stories of how I survived High School.

It is fictionalised account- real names, real places, real events. but you know, I must embellish the accounts to make them sound more dreamy (like everytime i talk about an encounter with a girl i like, heheheh). I want you to read with an open mind- and pick a thing or two. And I’d really love it if you SHARE with your friends, especially teens who are in High School.

Every Friday, I’ll be posting a chapter of the story. I still toy with the idea of making this into a book or something, but while I decide on that, you may as well tell me what you think.

To kick off, I’ll start with chapter one TODAY (so that’s two episodes for this week). watch this space for more! (hey don’t look at me, that’s how newspapers and magazines sign off Spartan adverts).


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