Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Sotonye X

You know when the bible said “As the deer pants for water”? so did sotonye’s soul long to just reply that message. She whimpered like a kid as her fingers landed on the keyboard, I’ve not seen her type that fast before “What are you doing?” I sounded too inquisitive and I knew it. “Is […]

Sotonye X

Sotonye grabbed her phone to reply the text like she had just been given food after a three-day fast. She kept asking me if it was good enough, if it didn’t sound too desperate, all the while, accusing me of having an ‘annoying grin’ plastered on my face. Finally, she sent the message, agreeing to […]

Sotonye VII

When Soso left, I headed right back to my laptop. I had just made a highly debatable claim, that jogging makes the skin glow better. Of course when I said it, I had no scientific proof; I just know that the girls I see jogging tend to have healthier-looking skin than the others. I googled […]

How to Survive NYSC orientation

  So you bloody otondos have finally made it to camp. All the tension while you waited for “mobilisation“; all the anxiety when you heard horror stories of people that were sent to bush camps in far-flung corners of the country. Maybe your worst fears were confirmed- you queued up, pushed, snarled at people, lied […]


When she she showed up at my door, I knew something was up. She hardly ever came to my house- that was one of her many “Because-I-Don’t-want-To”s “do you think I’m stubborn?“ she asked. No good morning, no how-was-your-night…nothing. “of course you are” I said. “you didn’t even think about what I asked you“ she […]

How to reBuild a Nation (part 3)

How to reBuild a Nation (part 3) Defining our National Standard is the starting point of the planning stage. What is the barest minimum a Nigerian should have access to in Health, Education, Housing, Food, Power Supply, Transportation and Communication? What is the barest level of religious tolerance acceptable? When we know what our standards […]

How to reBuild a Nation (Part 2)

  Defining a National Vision can be quite a feat, you know? We all come from different places. While a man raised in Lagos may dream of having a country having facilities that rival and/or surpass Disneyland, the O2 Arena, Old Trafford, the Sydney Opera House and the Burj Al-Arab; the man from deep in […]

How to reBuild a Nation

So our nation has been destroyed by the faulty foundation our well-intentioned heroes past laid for us. We could spend thousands of pages analysing who said what or who did what and who should have done what and did not…and miss the point. Our Fathers built a magnificient high-rising structure on a foundation that was […]


I will never forget how mother was brought home from the office that day. She looked like a vegetable though uncle Tom said it was only a slight fever but I knew mother’s situation was more than that. Mother stopped going to work which was very un-workaholic of her. When I asked why, she told me […]

Gerrymandering (or my 24th Birthday Speech)

Thank you everyone. Not everyone could call to wish me happy birthday, and really I don’t mind. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I had some fun, thanks to the Faith Life Assembly Choir. And to Vivian who did some amazing housekeeping and cooking this weekend. And to the people who refused to let me […]

Diary of a confused schoolgirl

We had to talk. We badly needed to. I’m talking about that let’s-get-real-with-eachother, no-holds-barred, put-all-the-cards-on-the-big-round-table kinda talk. God and me, we had serious issues to iron out. Let me start from the beginning. You see, I came into university with pride as high as an acme. I was one you could call a boss, especially […]

Tricol High Eight: Tuckshop

  Tuckshop. Ah! Tuckshop. The best thing that happened to Tricol Students. In the midst of the chaos of the daily routine, There was one reprieve we found in tuckshop. You may not understand. Why would we value a snack by 12:15 when we had breakfast, lunch, dinner and night snacks? Simple. We were kids, […]

Dear Mr American Soldier

WARNING: there’s a gory image in this post. Please Keep reading only if you’re sure you can handle it. Thanks!   My reality is shifting. Years ago as 10-year-olds playing in the sand, when we thought about the United States of America, we pictured it as a land flowing with milk and honey. It was […]

The Catechist

Jerry Ifeanyi Chiemeke I ran into him often but we never “officially” started talking until the last month of law school. Before that, It was the usual comment or two on my blog, and on His when he started blogging. I remember being vaguely impressed with his blogging skills as he said he started the […]

Surviving law school: The wait

  Gentlemen in waiting. Hope it’s okay to call you that? I’m glad you made it through registration. Some of you are still straggling behind because you DIDN’T listen to my advice about registration. Some of you just didn’t get to read the first installment because your friends didn’t share with you. Don’t hate them, […]

Tricol high 7

and now, onto something on the hilarious side >>> and yes, this part’s true! *********************************************************************************************** Now, they made us prep supervisors. (I can hear the gears in your minds grinding!) There were lots and lots of cute girls in our classes. Classic among them were Ema Oko. Omodele Makinde. Kimberly Obi. Moyo Osinkolu. Joy Majebi. […]

Tricol High Six

Ah…Hecareth. Nobody would understand what could bring a weakling like me together with a muscleman like he. Tall and short. Meaty and skinny. Popular and unpopular. Loved and Hated. We were the unlikely team, silently building ourselves up. HE was the one person who had nothing bad to say about Electromon. He taught me stuff. […]

To my faithful readers

Because you give me such valuable feedback (not all of you are nice though), I’m constantly working to improve your reader experience. I’m currently experimenting with eye-friendly fonts and colours. I’m also working on giving proper references for the images I feature in my post (some of you think I create them ALL). Because of […]

At The Altar

So I cast my mind back over the years…The storms we weathered, the fears we conquered. I look at the opportunities we ignored, the deadlines we narrowly missed. I look at those Oh – My – God did – you – see – that moments- those rare suns that set as we watched; those times […]

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