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People have always accused me of talking too much

And they're absolutely right. Right now I'm working towards redeeming my toomuchtalking by saving you the stress of going through life without some mistake or the other to learn from. So, free to learn from me :)


The day I met Rumcake, I was ready to die.   March, 2016.   I was depressed. I remember distinctly thinking “If I hadn’t been born, it may have been better”. I know, I know everybody knows me as a happy, noisy person. So The Peter can be depressed? Yes he can. And I was. I had no desire to… Read more →

We are Not Goats

  A poem is not a poem Just because you break sentences into run-off lines It is not because you use words As sharp and swords To show that you can rhyme All the time It is not a poem because you employ Gargantuan phrases of flabbergasting opacity It is not a poem because your metaphors are like butter to… Read more →

Full Circle

You’re back at the place you swore you’d never be.     You love her even though she’s smashed your heart to pieces.   She smashed your x-box to a thousand more pieces. She destroyed all the ties you had to all your friends. At first you told them they didn’t understand the responsibilities of being in a committed relationship headed… Read more →

oga joseph

When I was in Lagos this February, I went to see a movie with my Friend of Many Years. We’d met in camp during NYSC orientation in Nkwerre, Imo state. I believe it was the luxurious sound of my voice and my amazing speech on parade ground that made her fall madly in love with me  agree to talk to… Read more →

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